Biltong vs Jerky - Let’s Settle This

Ever wondered about the difference between Biltong vs Jerky? Well, you’re in luck. We love talking about these snack-sized steaks almost as much as we love chowing down on them. The different methods of preparing each snack results in distinct flavours and textures loved by many.

Read on to find out more about the infamous battle of jerky vs biltong - or skip ahead to the part where you get a beefy mouthful of The Jerky Co goodness (we won’t judge).

Origins of Biltong vs Jerky

Biltong finds its roots in South Africa, its name being a combination of the Dutch words “bil” (rump) and “tong” (tongue/strip). Yum. 

As the story goes, the Indigenous people of South Africa cut strips of meat, cured them with salt, then hung them up to dry. These preserved meats were consumed during long treks. European settlers then arrived and introduced vinegar, saltpetre and spices to the curing process. 

Back then, it took about two weeks for the meat to be properly dried. Luckily for you, The Jerky Co. has a range of beef biltong (or lamb biltong, if you’re a bit fancy) ready to be delivered right to your doorstep. Visit one of our locations if you need a biltong fix ASAP. 

What About Jerky?

The origin of Jerky is trickier to trace as variations of it have been enjoyed throughout history. Native North Americans mixed dried game with fat and dried fruit, Incas dried pounded and deboned meat, while humble farmers in small towns outside Rome smoked strips of donkey or horse meat. Even ancient Egyptians used to dry strips of meat under the sun. 

How We Prepare Biltong vs Jerky

Here at The Jerky Co, we use only topside MSA grade beef, 100% Australian sourced quality ingredients, and our very own well-loved family recipes. Preparation methods differ between biltong and jerky, resulting in different textures and flavours unique to each snack.

Our Biltong is marinated for over 24 hours in rich blends of vinegar and spices. Then, we hang the full piece of steak to slowly air-dry, which keeps its centre moist and tender. Having some biltong is pretty much like having a pocket steak without the wait times or mess. You can get our biltong sliced or unsliced (depending on how much you’re willing to share).

Our Jerky also soaks for over 24 hours in our soy sauce and spice marinades, sliced into thin slabs, then air-dried on racks. This method removes more moisture, more quickly, resulting in a chewier strip of meat with a subtle smokiness. Jerky tends to have a longer shelf life than biltong as it has less moisture, making it the perfect protein-packed snack to take on long road trips (or to stash away for a rainy day). 

Perfect Pairings: Which Flavours Go Well With Dried Meats

What food and flavours to pair with biltong vs jerky you ask? We’ve got a whole heap of recipe ideas dedicated to answering this question. 

Have a peak at our ultimate beer pairing guide for a nice starting point.

Some of our favourite ways of enjoying these meaty goodies are to garnish a bowl of noodles, spice up a bland ol’ salad, and skewer them with olives to pair with a cocktail. We also like to swap out deli meat with some juicy biltong for a healthier and (dare we say) more satisfying sandwich. 

Level up your hosting skills and check out these recipes for more creative ways we like to enjoy our cured cuts. We’re pretty great at finding new recipes (i.e. new excuses to eat more biltong and beef jerky) so make sure you follow us on our socials too. 

Benefits of Dried Meats

Feeling peckish but don’t want the snack-guilt? Our premium air-dried meats are high in protein, low in fat, and made using lean cuts of the finest MSA grade beef and gourmet ingredients.

The protein in cured meats keeps you satisfied for longer, while building and repairing muscle and bone. Their high iron content also helps your body transport and store oxygen, while boosting your energy levels, ability to focus, and your immune system. Plus, they’re super low in carbs! 

These satisfyingly chewy, savoury snacks are perfect to have on the go, after a workout, throw in a lunchbox, pair with a drink, or just whenever you need an energy boost. Consumed in moderation and with a varied diet, they can be a healthy meal replacement. 

Hey, Get Your Own Jerky! 

Packed with protein and loaded with flavour, our handcrafted range of air-dried meats at The Jerky Co. are the perfect snack to have anytime, anywhere. Ideal for the health-conscious busy parent, athlete, road-tripper, or meat lover, our range of marinated meats are guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds. Go on, explore our range and take your pick!

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