Beef Jerky

Looking to buy the best beef jerky in town? Then look no further. As a renowned Australian jerky brand, our premium handcrafted, air-dried meats are guaranteed to please. Our ingredients are 100% sourced from local producers then handcrafted into delicious cured cuts. We proudly use our own family recipes that have been passed down for over 20 years, so you can be sure you are in for a treat. Our jerky is marinated for over 24 hours in signature blends of spices and soy sauce before being sliced and air-dried. The end result is our well-loved strip of chewy, smoky meat that everyone comes back for again and again.


Topside MSA Grade Beef

Here at The Jerky Co, we use topside MSA grade red meat to make some of the best beef jerky Australia has ever known. This means that every time you're looking to buy beef jerky and treat yourself to our satisfyingly chewy goodness, you’re also supporting the Aussie meat and livestock industry. And you can be sure that it's not just a versatile savoury snack - the red meat that we source is loaded with protein and micronutrients that makes for some healthy beef jerky. While it's tempting to snack on your stash of The Jerky Co meats every chance you get, it's a treat best consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. That said, what better way to get your protein fix than with a mouthful of beef jerky?


Rich In Protein

Psst. Wanna know another reason why our jerky is one of the best beef jerky Australia has known? It's a satisfyingly scrumptious treat made to complement every meat-lover's lifestyle. We're confident that even the pickiest of little eaters will be won over by this protein-rich snack. Toss a few pieces into school lunchboxes to make sure kids are getting their protein needs met in a super tasty way. Or if you need a quick mid-day energy boost without the side effects of a greasy, sugary snack, then our healthy beef jerky is the perfect way to get a protein and nutrient kick. Plus, if you need a post-gym protein hit, our jerky comes freshly sealed in convenient packs to throw into your gym bag. This makes them the ideal snack to enjoy on a road trip too! Make sure to follow us on our socials for meal inspo and peep the recipe section to get excited for the next time you buy beef jerky online.


Looking For The Best Beef Jerky For Sale?

Check out our range of beef jerky for sale - they are available in a variety of mouth-watering flavours to choose from. Ranging from the ever-popular Sweet BBQ jerky to daredevil-worthy Extra Hot flavours, you can buy our premium beef jerky in different weights with packs of 2 kg, 1 kg, 500g and 250g right here. But if you just can't wait for a bite of our sweet meat treats, then pop over to any of our stores for a quick high-quality jerky fix. We won't judge how much you buy!

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