Droëwors is the Afrikaans translation for 'dried sausage'. It is the dried form of the traditional South African sausage Boerewors. Unlike beef jerky, Droëwors is air-dried rather than smoked or dehydrated. The result is a tender and easy chew a piece of meat, which is high in protein.

Savoury and rich in flavour, our Droëwors is made from premium MSA beef mince and a blend of traditional spices.

What is the main difference between Droëwors and Biltong?

Think of biltong as the cousin to Droëwors. Both are made from beef, seasoned with coriander seeds and hung to dry.

Biltong consists of an entire piece of air-dried meat which is then cured with vinegar and seasoned with a spice blend. By keeping the meat whole while it is dried, it retains moisture in its centre keeping it tender. Biltong can be purchased sliced or unsliced.

Droëwors on the other hand consists of ground MSA grade beef mince which is mixed with fat and spices and stuffed into a casing - making it more comparable to traditional sausage. Once the sausage has been stuffed it is then hung to air dry. The end result is a tender piece of meat that is packed with flavour and will satisfy your craving for something savoury.

The benefits of Droëwors

Droëwors is a high protein and high fat snack. It serves as a fantastic energy booster, and can fulfil a large proportion of your body's protein needs for the day. As a snack, it is ideal for athletes or those on a low-carb diet (or any dried meat fan, we do not discriminate).

Naturally gluten-free and packed with protein, eating Droëwors as a snack, can leave you feeling fuller for longer, boost your energy and provide you with valuable iron (which is crucial for maintaining vital functions in the body).

As Droëwors is thicker than Biltong or jerky, you experience a full meat flavour with every bite, which isn't overpowered by seasonings.

Droëwors stores well in an airtight container, so it is an ideal snack for on-the-go, post-exercise or hiking.

The best Droëwors in Australia

Here at The Jerky Co, you are guaranteed that we take dried meat seriously. We produce the best beef jerky, biltong and Droëwors that you can get your hands on. Buy our Droëwors online or at any of our Perth kiosks.

We truly hope that you love our traditional Droëwors as much as we do.

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