Beef Biltong

Meat lovers all across Australia can agree that there's nothing more satisfying than a tender piece of steak... except our biltong. We think of it as a snack-sized steak you can have anywhere, anytime. Our beef biltong is marinated in our signature spices for over 24 hours as part of the curing process. We then slowly air-dry the biltong to achieve the perfect balance of savoury, chewy, and juicy. Here at The Jerky Co, we use our treasured family recipes that have been passed down for over 20 years to craft some of the best beef biltong Perth and the rest of Australia has to offer. So go ahead, tear into a piece of our beef biltong for a mouthful of flavour you won’t find anywhere else.


Topside MSA Grade Beef Biltong

Here at The Jerky Co, we source high-quality ingredients locally, using only topside MSA grade red meat to make our signature beef biltong that Australia knows and loves. This means that every time you pop a piece of our beef biltong, you are also helping out the Aussie meat and livestock industry. Not only is this mini steak an easy comfort snack, but the red meat that we use is also naturally packed with beefy protein, essential vitamins, and minerals.

Did you know that red meat contains loads of haem iron that your body can easily absorb? With all the health benefits that that come with a juicy bite of biltong, you might be tempted to eat biltong all day, every day. However, like with any food, it's a meaty treat best consumed in moderation and as part of a balanced diet. But there’s no harm in having a backup pack of biltong in the freezer for when you need a protein kick, iron boost, or simply when you’re feeling a bit peckish!


Beef Biltong Slicer

Expecting guests? Purchase our Biltong Slicer to crank the party up a notch. And help yourself to a slice (or three!) while you're at it. Although you can get our biltong pre-sliced, there’s nothing quite like having a freshly sliced piece of biltong that your own hands have prepared. Use those strips as a garnish for a bowl of noodles or to spice up a salad - the possibilities are endless! And not only is a slicer super fun to use, but the high-quality stainless steel blade also looks pretty impressive and makes for a great talking point! Never have a boring poolside hang or backyard barbie again with this slick trick.


Looking to buy beef biltong online?

If you can't make it to one of our stores, you can easily buy our traditional beef biltong online within seconds. Get each of our fancy flavours delivered right to your doorstep - we ship to everywhere in Australia! While we can’t promise that you won’t be back for more, we can definitely say that you’re in for a treat.

You can buy our beef biltong online with just a few clicks, or pop into any of our stores if you absolutely need a savoury, chewy chunk of meat right now!

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