The Jerky Co was created by 3 best friends with a passion for meat, in particular – Biltong, Jerky and other air dried meats. This passion nested from their South African family roots in the meat industry. Growing up with Biltong as part of their culture and diet, the friends saw an opportunity to share a part of their upbringing with the rest of Australia. Through this train of thought, in 2015 The Jerky Co was born.

With a young and vibrant team, The Jerky Co has a family of over 100 staff members who strive to serve their customers on a daily basis through their production facility, retail stores, online store and wholesale streams.


Focusing on quality products, The Jerky Co uses only MSA grade meats. Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a grading system developed to improve the supply of consistently high-quality meat to the beef consumer. MSA is a ‘tenderness guaranteed’ grading program that grades beef based on eating quality. The MSA system grades each muscle (cut) on eating quality, with regards to tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall liking.



The Jerky Co’s mission is to provide a quality product to children, adults and families in the hopes that they will move from nasty snacks to a wholesome nutritional air dried meat snack alternative that will better their diet whilst putting a smile on their face.


The Jerky Co’s vision is to become the household name in biltong, jerky and air dried meat snack alternatives within Australia ensuring this is accomplished using only sustainable meat and ingredient supply. 


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