Easy Camping Meals and Snacks For Your Next Adventure

As the weather starts to warm up and the year winds down, heaps of Aussies are gearing up for some epic camping adventures. How lucky are we in Australia, with a massive selection of incredible camping spots just waiting for us to explore? Whether you're all about soaking up the vibes on the coast or keen for some chill time in our lush forests and bushland, there's something unmatched about spending time in our great outdoors.

Steering towards today's blog topic... What are some straightforward, no-fuss camping meals to whip up on your next outdoor getaway? When you're soaking up the serenity outdoors, simplicity and convenience are king in the realm of camping meals and snacks. Let's walk through a few straightforward meal ideas that are not only a breeze to carry and whip up but also delightfully tasty and satisfying to keep your adventure going!

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Easy Camping Meal Ideas

When it comes to camping meals and snacks, you'll want food that's not only easy to carry, store, and put together, but also satisfyingly filling and delicious. After all, a long day in the great outdoors is sure to work up a hearty appetite, and you'll want tasty, hassle-free eats to refuel! Check out our camping recipes below to get you inspired.

1. Instant Oats with Dried Fruits and Nuts: Porridge isn’t just for breakfast; it can be a comforting and quick meal any time of day while camping. Bring along instant oatmeal packets, a mix of dried fruit, and some nuts (like almonds or walnuts). To prepare, just add hot water to your oats, throw in a handful of dried fruits and nuts, and let it sit for a minute. You’ll have a hearty, sweet, and nutritious meal that’s quick to make and easy to clean up.

2. Dehydrated Soup and Stew Packets: Easy to pack and incredibly lightweight, dehydrated soup and stew packets just need hot water and a few minutes of patience (no camp stove required!). Add some pieces of The Jerky Co’s beef jerky for an extra punch of flavour and protein, enhancing a simple meal into something more hearty and satisfying.

3. Pre-Made Grain Salad Jars: Prepare quinoa or couscous at home and toss it with veggies, a vinaigrette, and perhaps some nuts or dried fruit. Store it in a container or jar for easy transport and serving. When you’re ready to eat, shake it up, and maybe sprinkle in some biltong for a protein hit.

4. Tuna Wraps: Bring a pack of wraps and your favourite tuna. To amp up this super easy meal, consider adding a couple of extras. Bring along a small container of mayo or a drizzle of olive oil to add a bit of moisture to the tuna. If you fancy a bit of crunch and additional freshness, sliced cucumber, lettuce, or even pre-chopped coleslaw mix could be wonderful additions to this easy no-cook, protein-packed meal.

5. Instant Noodle Cups with a Twist: Choose your favourite instant noodle cup that only requires hot water. Before heading off, pop in some additional dehydrated veggies and pieces of jerky. When you're ready to eat, simply add hot water and wait a few minutes. You’ve got yourself a custom, hearty noodle soup that's a step above the rest with minimal effort!


Classic Easy Mac with a Jerky Hit

6. Classic Easy Mac with a Jerky Hit: Simply whip up your go-to Easy Mac, and while it's cooking, chop up some of The Jerky Co’s premium beef jerky. Stir the jerky bits into the prepared mac, letting their rich, savory flavors melt into the creamy pasta. You’ll get an extra protein punch and a hearty, delicious twist to your quick and easy camping meal, all with minimal effort and maximum taste. Want to create this dish at home? Check out our beef jerky Mac and Cheese recipe!

7. Campfire Nachos: Simply layer tortilla chips, nacho cheese, and salsa in a cast-iron skillet or foil pan, adding toppings like olives or jalapeños to suit your taste. Place it over the campfire until the cheese is melted and chips are slightly toasted, creating a deliciously cheesy and crunchy meal perfect for sharing around the fire. A versatile and sociable meal, these nachos deliver a flavourful experience with minimal prep, perfect for your camping adventures! Amp it up a bit further by topping it with some of your favourite beef jerky or beef biltong.

Quick and Nutritious Snacking with Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is also a stellar standalone camping snack, offering a quick protein boost as you navigate through your adventures. Before you hit the road, you can make your own protein-packed beef jerky trail mix. A DIY beef jerky trail mix offers a balanced, nutritious camping snack that keeps you satisfied and fuelled throughout your trip - plus, it requires no refrigeration, so it's great for on the go.

Check out our beef jerky trail mix recipe here.

Beef Jerky on Your Camping Trip

How to Store Your Beef Jerky on Your Camping Trip

Packing beef jerky for your camping trips? Easy as! Just pop it in a zip-lock bag or a sealed container to keep it fresh. Jerky's the perfect camping snack choice because it is protein-packed, doesn’t go off, and doesn’t take up much room, leaving you plenty of space for all your other camping gear.

Why the Jerky Co?

Our air-dried meat treats are lovingly crafted by our local team, utilising only top-tier MSA grade beef, coupled with our uniquely crafted signature marinades and a vibrant blend of herbs and spices. With zero nasties or fillers in our products, you can be confident that you're biting into a snack that's not only protein-packed and bursting with flavour.

So before your next camping trip with friends or family, check out our extensive range of beef jerky flavours online, or pop into one of our 18 locations to try some for yourself!

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