Unlocking the Perfect Pairing: The Best Way to Enjoy Beer with The Jerky Co's Beef & Brew Hampers

We believe that the timeless duo of beef and beer is unparalleled. Our beef jerky range has consistently stood out as the ultimate companion for a chilled beer. This passion inspired us to craft our signature beer 'Brew-tong' American Pale Ale in partnership with local brewer, Impi Brewers. Impi and The Jerky Co are united by our shared passion for premium beer and biltong, which is what drew us together for our collaboration.

So why a pale ale?

Originating from England, Pale Ales have been a popular choice for centuries. But what is Pale Ale? Distinguished by its golden to amber colour, it's a hoppy beer style that's not too intense but boasts a satisfying depth. However, when we cross continents and delve into American Pale Ale, there's a noticeable shift. 

What is American Pale Ale?

APA, as it’s commonly known as, has a more pronounced hop flavor, often reflecting grassy, citrusy, or floral notes. It's a lighter, more refreshing beer, perfect for the warmer months.

Introducing our Brew-tong Pale Ale

Our Brew-tong is smooth golden American Pale Ale, blending tropical, citrus, and piney flavours from Mosaic, Simcoe, and Galaxy hops. This beer has been crafted to perfectly complement any flavour of our jerky and biltong.

The Jerky's Pale Ale


The best way to drink beer: the art of pairing food with beer

The beauty of beer is that it goes well with a huge range of foods. Check out our Ultimate Beer Pairing Guide where we delve into a range of different beers and our recommended pairings.

Pale ale food pairing 

To shine a spotlight on our new Brew-tong Pale Ale, we've curated some pairing suggestions for you below:

BBQ Meats

  • Grilled steaks
  • BBQ chicken
  • Lamb chops with rosemary


  • Prawn skewers
  • Grilled Barramundi fillets
  • Salt and pepper calamari


  • Vintage cheddar
  • Tasmanian brie
  • Australian blue cheese

Spicy and Bold Flavours

  • Chicken parmi with a spicy tomato base
  • Spicy chicken wings
  • Sausage rolls with a kick of chilli

Veggie Options

  • Veggie skewers
  • Spinach and ricotta rolls
  • Classic pumpkin soup

Aussie Desserts

  • Lamingtons
  • Anzac biscuits
  • Pavlova with passionfruit and kiwi

There is a massive range of food with which Pale Ale pairs beautifully. You can match it with your summer barbie, balance out the spicy flavours of a curry or hot chicken wings, or even complement it with some classic Aussie seafood like prawn skewers and barramundi. Fancy a dessert after? The subtle hoppy notes of the Pale Ale can beautifully enhance the sweetness of iconic treats like lamingtons or a pavlova. 

pale ale

The perfect pairing: Pale Ale and beef jerky

Now, speaking of the perfect pairing, our Brew-tong APA has been crafted to complement the flavours of our beef jerky and beef biltong. The crisp hoppiness of the APA especially, slices through the savory richness of the jerky, which creates a balanced palate. The carbonation in the beer cleanses your mouth, preparing you for the next bite. Try pairing our APA with our Chilli Beef Jerky or Extra Hot Beef Jerky. The citrusy undertones of the beer will complement the spiciness perfectly.

Introducing The Jerky Co's Beef & Brew Hampers

The Jerky Co. has curated an epic hamper that's the answer to your beer and jerky pairing quest. Our Ultimate Beef and Brew Hamper proudly features six 375ml cans of our Brew Tong Pale Ale beer. Crafted with love, this beer resonates with the character of a traditional APA but with a unique twist that's all Jerky Co.

Also in the ultimate hamper is six packs of out 50g jerky varieties including; Texan, Traditional, Sweet BBQ, Smokey, Chilli and Extra Hot. For some extra crunch, we have added 3 packs of the delicious Poppa Porky's pork crackle, which will really elevate your snacking experience.

Wanting to sample our jerky flavours and try our new beer? Our Sampler Beef & Brew Hamper might be just for you! In this hamper, you get three cans of Brew-tong and six flavours of our beef jerky.

The ultimate hamper for the ultimate gift

If you're scratching your head, thinking of that perfect gift for a beer or jerky enthusiast or a foodie friend, look no further. Our Beef & Brew Hampers aren't just your basic hamper; it’s the ultimate snacking experience. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or just a weekend gathering - this hamper promises to be the showstopper.

hampers and Pale Ale online

Shop our hampers and Pale Ale online

You can shop both of our Beef & Brew hampers online via our website. Or head over to our friends at Impi Brewers to get your hands on some refreshing Brew-tong right in time for your Spring and Summer BBQs.
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