What Are The Different Biltong Flavours Available At The Jerky Co?

Here at The Jerky Co, we reckon we've got a pretty good range of products to suit everybody who enjoys a beefy snack. In fact, we're particularly proud of our range of beef biltong - a snack that originated in South Africa.

While beef jerky is made from raw meat strips that have been marinaded and then dried in a dehydrator, biltong is made by drying larger pieces of meat in a biltong box and then cut into pieces. This longer curing process can take several days, and it allows for the meat to be cut at the desired softness. That's why the texture of biltong is often soft and chewy, rather than dehydrated and firm like jerky.

Just like our range of beef jerky flavours, we offer many variations on our biltong recipe to cater for all your snacking desires, so let's take a look at the different biltong flavours we've got.


Let's start with the basics. Our traditional biltong is an absolute classic for any situation. It starts as a piece of MSA grade beef topside, marinaded in our signature spice mix for 24 hours, and then dried from the outside in. This results in the purest style of biltong as it allows the flavour of the dried meat to be front and centre of the flavour palette.

It has a nice soft chew, and will work with pretty much anything you put it with. It's not sweet or hot, so it offers a neutral addition to any dish or salad you may want to add it to. Of course, it's just as good on its own as a snack... especially with a nice cold beer.


Our fatty biltong uses the same flavours as traditional biltong, but instead, we keep the fat strip on, leaving the meat moist and buttery. Its softness and moisture content takes traditional biltong to a new level of decadence. But that said, if you were to ask us how to eat biltong, with this flavour we'd say 'with a few pieces of paper towel handy'.

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With a similar marinade to traditional biltong, the addition of dried chilli adds a lovely bit of spice to really crack open the flavours. Our chilli biltong is not super hot, so it's suitable for pretty much anybody who can handle a little bit of spice.

Chilli Fatty

Much like regular fatty biltong, the fat content of our fatty chilli biltong gives the meat a savoury butteriness that just melts in your mouth and really compliments the chilli flavours.

Extra Hot

You can probably guess this one. If you want to impress your friends with your superior tolerance for chilli, or if you just really really like hot food, our extra hot biltong will get your tongue tingling! It's probably not a bad idea to keep a cold one handy to douse the fire a little bit.


Are you that person that just loads everything up with garlic? If you are, our garlic biltong may be the one for you. We don't go too overboard with the garlic, but there is enough in there to add a lovely warmth to the meat.


Starting with our signature spice mix, we add pepper to enhance our traditional recipe. If you're a pepper steak kinda guy or gal then our pepper biltong could be the one for you.


Similar to our garlic and pepper recipes, smokey biltong uses our signature spice mix but this time adds smoke for a more earthy snacking experience. Our smokey biltong is delicate in flavour, but bound to satisfy the tastebuds. 

Sweet BBQ

Sure, biltong originated in South Africa, but that doesn't mean we can't give it a sweet American BBQ flavour too. Adding brown sugar to the spice mix gives it a slightly sweet, southern style flavour that makes this the comfort food option among all the biltong varieties we make. Pair our sweet BBQ biltong with a nice glass of New England IPA and you'll be bull-riding and line-dancing before you know it.

Exotic Truffle Fatty

Of all the different flavours we've explored, this one is our pièce de résistance. We add the amazing flavour of truffle oil to a choice cut of marinaded topside beef to create the most delicious snack. By keeping the fat on, we've achieved the most decadent, buttery biltong experience money can buy. If you're looking to impress somebody, show your class by putting our fatty exotic truffle biltong on your charcuterie board.

Lamb Biltong

All sorts of meats can be used to make biltong and jerky. From beef to game meats, even crocodile. But we decided to get a little creative and recreate the classic Sunday lamb roast...but in biltong form. Adding mint and rosemary to the spice mix gives it that quintessential roast lamb flavour which gives you that nice warm feeling. Try our lamb biltong today - you won’t regret it. 

lamb biltong

Get snack happy with our delicious biltong

No matter what your jam, we've got all the different biltong flavours available in Australia to suit everybody. If you're looking to add something special to a nice dish or salad, or if you just want something to snack on while watching a movie and enjoying a beer, you'll find it on our online store. So check out our biltong selection and place your order today.

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