How to Store Beef Jerky - Keeping Your Favourite Snack Fresh (Infographic)



Name one thing better than kicking it back with some of our signature beef jerky on a Sunday afternoon - we'll wait. Think we’re biased? Then try a bite of our premium air-dried meat for yourself! Here at The Jerky Co., we'd chow on this beef jerky all day, every day if we had the chance! But we’ve promised our loyal customers that they get to share some of this meaty goodness too. We’re cool like that. *cue sunglass guy emoji*

But seriously, once you’ve caught a whiff of our beef jerky, there’s no going back. So while we can’t guarantee that you won’t be gobbling up our marinated meats in a flash, we can offer some great advice on safely storing your jerky stash. When stored correctly, you can keep your beef jerky fresh and delish for longer. Frozen jerky is perfect for whipping out when you have a surprise guest over - or simply for snack emergencies! Keep scrolling down to learn about how to store beef jerky safely for maximum flavour and freshness.


How to store beef jerky

A question we always get when customers want to buy a couple bags' worth of our dried meat is "what is the shelf life of beef jerky?". Well, these are topside MSA meat strips that after all. So, make sure to treat them as you would with any other fresh deli meat with this food safety advice. Our suggestion is to keep meat products in an airtight container below 5°C in the fridge and never at room temperature. Pop it in an airtight container like a mason jar, along with a food-grade desiccant, for short term storage. But if you happen to have a vacuum sealer - even better! We can't stress enough the importance of sealing that meat in. Because when you store it correctly, your beef jerky will last up to 7 days from delivery - though we bet that you'll finish it well before then! And for best results past 7 days, any of our dried meat snacks should be stored in the freezer.


Can you freeze beef jerky for long term storage?

Of course! You just have to do it right. Store your dried meats in an unopened airtight container in the freezer and they will last you a long time. And just how long will beef jerky keep, you ask? It depends on a couple of things. On average, frozen beef jerky and snap sticks can last over 12 months, while biltong around 8 months. The shelf life of frozen meat strips will also vary depending on factors like the internal temperature and water activity in your fridge. The best way to practice good food safety is to make sure that the meat is securely sealed prior to storage. If you're purchasing our meat strips online, they already come in vacuum sealed bags to keep the moisture in, and the air out. So it's best to leave the bag unopened and frozen if you want to save some for much later.


Is beef jerky safe to eat?

Historically, cultures all over the world have been known to preserve meat strips safely by turning it into variations of jerky. Here at The Jerky Co., we practice top hygiene and food preparation methods that makes sure each piece of dried meat is safe (and delicious!) to eat. Our marinades of soy sauce and spices are made from family recipes that date back for over 20 years, so you know it's that good. All our meats are slowly air-dried to get the perfect level of chewiness, and to make that marinade *pop*.

beef jerky

Homemade beef jerky, on the other hand, can accidentally create an environment ideal for bacterial growth if the dehydrator or drying process used is not up to food safety standards. So really, the best way to make sure you get a chewy mouthful of scrumptiously safe dried meats is to hit us up. Also, make sure to follow the advice you literally just read about how to store beef jerky, so you can enjoy your marinated meats for longer! Plus, our jerky already has a pretty great shelf life as it is made to travel safely on the journey from our kitchens to your front door!


How to safely prepare frozen jerky

If you want to get your fangs into that stash of frozen beef jerky, make sure to defrost it properly before chowing down. Just pop however much frozen jerky you think you'll eat the next day in the fridge overnight to safely defrost. Also, if you prepare a little more than you can finish in one sitting, share it with someone within 1-2 days! We would hate to see you waste any of that sweet, sweet meat. And remember, never refreeze any dried meat that has been defrosted.


Stop scrolling, start snacking

Now that you've got some tips and tricks on how to store beef jerky safely - snack wisely! While we do craft some of the best beef jerky in town, you should always snack on our tasty treats in moderation and as part of a healthy, balanced diet. So be responsible-ish and keep some of that tempting sweet bbq, exotic truffle, and chilli beef jerky for later! And while you're here, be sure to check out our darned delicious range of premium air-dried meats. Jerky, biltong, droewors, snap sticks - we've got the lot! We ship Australia-wide and right to your front door so you can get your jerky fix whenever you please.

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