Australia's Leading Premium Beef Jerky & Biltong Specialists - The Jerky Co.

We like to think we know a thing or two about beef jerky (I mean it's in our name for crying out loud). But creating premium and fresh Australian beef jerky means more than just whacking any old cut of meat into a dehydrator and calling it a day. We understand that good things take time. Great things need that little something special. Creating that perfect piece of chewy jerky from a lean cut of beef is where The Jerky Co. really thrives.

Our family recipes stretch back more than 20 years, allowing us to pack loads of amazing flavour into our beef which is marinated for over 24 hours. We pride ourselves on creating Aussie beef jerky with premium cuts of beef and with a range of different flavours that'll be sure to tickle your fancy. From Sweet BBQ to Extra Hot, we're always looking for premium flavours to add to our Jerky repertoire.

Top Quality Meat

It's no secret that to make a tasty piece of beef jerky, you need a top-quality lean cut of beef. That's why all of our meat used in our air dried meat products at The Jerky Co. is MSA grade beef. Using premium cuts of Australian beef allows us to create the tastiest, juiciest and freshest beef jerky that Australia has ever seen.

There's never been a better time to support local, so this is why we choose to use high-quality Australian beef in all of our different flavours and products. On top of this, we're constantly searching for ways to improve upon the quality of our jerky, so that you're consistently getting a mind-blowing sensation with every bite.

With sprinklings of delicious soy sauce, garlic powder, black pepper, onion powder and brown sugar as just a few of the tantalising additions to our beef jerky, it's safe to say your mouth is in for a wild ride when you pop a piece in.

Forget What You Know About Jerky

Although you might associate jerky with a forgotten shelf at an old service station, The Jerky Co is breaking down the barriers on what you thought jerky could be. We want to switch up the story and show you that beef jerky can be damn tasty (and nutritious too).

With wholesome and nutritious snacks produced with the whole family in mind, The Jerky Co. hopes to form a special part of a balanced diet for kids and adults alike.

Trust us. If you love beef jerky, you're going to love the quality Australian beef that we've spent hours transforming into premium beef jerky.

What About Our Other Premium Air Dried Meat Snacks?

Although we're well known for our beef jerky, our expertise doesn't just stop at our tasty and chewy jerky. Far from it.

When we got into the air dried meat game, we aimed to create tasty, fresh and protein-rich snacks of all shapes and sizes. So if you're more of a fan of beef biltong, then we've got you covered there too. If you're not into slicing the meat yourself, we have the option of both unsliced and sliced meat in all of our different flavours!

We've also got snap sticks, droewors, and more to keep you stocked up on your favourite meaty snacks.

Feeling Hungry Yet?

Now if you've now got a craving for some lean meat, we don't blame you. If you think reading about jerky makes you hungry, you should try working in a warehouse that smells of all sorts of delicious things on a daily basis!

Check out our range of premium Australian beef jerky in our online store and we guarantee you'll be licking your screen in no time. You can buy your jerky online and have it shipped to your doorstep, or head down to one of our own locations or our stockists in Australia to snag some fresh jerky today!

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