Healthy Snacking for Busy Professionals: Quick and Tasty Office Snacks

Does your busy working schedule chew up the time you need to prepare healthy snacks? Are you tired of sugar-fuelled snacks that lead to energy crashes and productivity slumps? Well, fear no more - The Jerky Co’s got you covered.

Our range of high-protein, low-carb air dried meats make the ideal healthy office snacks, and are perfect choices to ensure you stay motivated and alert throughout your working day. 

With that said, today’s blog provides you with some inspiration on office snack ideas to keep you going throughout those long work days, as well as touching on the importance of getting enough protein into your diet.

beef jerky

What are the benefits of air-dried meat products for snacking? 

Our range of air-dried meat products including beef jerky, biltong and droewors offer more than just a tasty bite to eat, they're also super convenient and packed with nutritional benefits:

  1. Nutritional advantages: High in protein and low in fat, air-dried meats provide essential nutrients that keep you full and energised while at work or on the go - allowing you to indulge without the guilt that comes from sugary, midday snacking.
  2. Convenience: When sealed, our air dried meats require no refrigeration, making them easy to pack and store. Their long shelf life means you can stock up on your favourite flavours and always have a healthy option nearby for when those afternoon munchies kick in. 
  3. Taste and variety: With a wide-range of flavours and types, from premium beef jerky and deliciously tender biltong, to savoury, bite-size droewors, you can enjoy many different tastes and textures that will have you eagerly checking your watch for snack time.

What are the healthiest and tastiest snacking options from our range?

We offer a variety of healthy, high-quality meat products that are perfect for office snacking, including:

Beef Jerky 

Packed with protein and made from 100% Australian-sourced MSA-grade beef, our beef jerky is available in multiple flavours to suit any avid snacker’s taste buds. 

Our beef jerky range comes in countless flavours for you to choose from. For lovers of delicate flavours, Exotic Truffle and Sweet BBQ will be right up your alley. If you prefer a mouth warming, chilli punch to wake you up during an afternoon slump, get your hands on our Extra Hot and Reaper Flamin’ Hot Jerky flavours for an epic, eye-watering snack experience. 

perfect healthy snack for the office

Not only is beef jerky the perfect healthy snack for the office, but it also adds a delicious, protein punch to a variety of recipes. For example, next time you make a salad, sprinkle some crumbled jerky over the top to elevate your dish. You can also include jerky to any type of soup - imagine the unique flavour of Exotic Truffle Jerky combined with warm, creamy soup - yum!


Forget high-sugar snacks that leave you sluggish and mentally drained. Biltong, a traditional South African snack, is air-dried and seasoned, providing a unique and delicious flavour that’s loaded with high protein and Vitamin B12, making it the ideal choice for any snack enthusiast. Our biltong range includes a range of flavours, from sweet and savoury mixes like Texan Fatty Beef Biltong, to more adventurous flavours such as Chilli Fatty and Extra Hot.

Biltong can also be a mouthwatering addition to a variety of food dishes. For example, spice up a boring salad with a few slices of juicy biltong to take it to the next level. Biltong is also a legendary choice to include in pasta recipes like carbonara or macaroni and cheese, or if you’re a pizza lover, instead of the same old salami or pepperoni choices, try adding some spicy biltong slices to really get the party started.

If you want to learn about the rich history of biltong, check out our previous blog here.


These air-dried sausages are not only packed with incredible taste but also offer a whopping energy boost to get you blazing through your workload. So, apart from the massive energy boost, what makes droewors great snacks to keep on your desk? Droewors are high in protein and low in fat, and they’re an excellent source of Vitamin B12, zinc and iron, making them a healthy option for any professional to have nearby when snack cravings erupt.

But wait - that’s not all. Droewors can also be a finger-looking good option to bring a number of meal dishes to life. You can throw droewors in a stir-fry or sprinkle some on a salad. They’re also a fun option to include on a cheese board when hosting a gathering, or when serving up snacks for friends and family.  

Air Dried Fruit Jerky

Those with a sweet tooth, we have not forgotten about you! Made from 100% Australian-grown fruits, our range of Air-Dried Fruit Jerky is perfect for the office. Just like our classic jerky, our fruit jerky is bursting with flavour and packed with nutrients, making it an ideal choice for a mid-morning pick-me-up or an afternoon energy boost. Keep a stash at your desk and enjoy a nutritious and delicious snack that keeps you fuelled and focused throughout the workday.

What are some other healthy office snack ideas?

Stuck for inspiration? Here are some excellent protein-filled snack ideas for your workday:

  • Greek yoghurt parfait: Layer creamy yoghurt, some Jerky Co Air-Dried Mango and a drizzle of honey for sweet, protein-packed snack.
  • Cottage cheese and veggie sticks: Pairing cottage cheese with crunchy vegetables for a protein-rich and satisfying snack.
  • Biltong and rice cakes: Layer cheese slices, sliced biltong and hummus on rice cakes for a savoury treat. Alternatively, try vegemite, avocado and biltong for a unique twist.
  • Popcorn trail mix: Combine air-popped popcorn with nuts, seeds and a few dried fruits for a crunchy, protein-packed mix. Check out our recipe here.
  • Hard-Boiled Eggs and Whole-Grain Crackers: A classic combination that provides a good balance of protein and carbs.

Our top tips for incorporating healthy snacks into your daily routine

Planning and packing snacks ahead of time can help ensure you choose healthy options and stay away from sugar-loaded, unhealthy choices. Here are some excellent tips you can incorporate into your daily work routine:

  • Plan ahead: Mornings can feel rushed, so prepare your snacks the night before to ensure you have healthy options ready to go.
  • Balance with meals: Complement your main meals with snacks that help maintain your energy levels throughout the day.
  • Mix it up: Mix up your snacks to avoid mouth boredom and keep your taste buds excited.
beef jerky for office snacks

Treat yourself and get snacking

For busy office workers who rely on staying mentally sharp, healthy snacking options are crucial for energy and focus. Our range of air-dried meat products offer a tasty, nutritious and convenient option for those seeking protein-rich office snacks. Or why not treat your whole team – they’re a perfect office meeting snack idea that will bring the whole office together. 

Browse our full range online, or you can head to one of our 20 locations today.
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