The Best Game Day Snacks This Season

AFL season is here, and with it comes the excitement of cheering on your favourite team, catching up with mates, and, of course, enjoying some tasty snacks. 

Whether you're watching the game at the stadium, a mate's place, or in the comfort of your own home, having the right snacks can make or break your game day experience. 

We're here to help you elevate your snack game with some delicious, easy-to-prepare options. From the unbeatable convenience of our range of air-dried meats to a variety of other tasty treats, we've got your game day covered.

Made for game day snacking - The Jerky Co’s jerky, biltong and droewors

First up, let's talk about our heroes: beef jerky, biltong, and droewors. These air-dried meats are the ultimate game day snack – they're tasty, convenient, and packed with protein to keep you fuelled throughout the game.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a classic favourite, and for good reason. It's chewy, flavourful, and comes in a variety of tastes to suit every palate. At The Jerky Co, we've got something for everyone, from the smoky richness of our Smokey Beef Jerky to the spicy kick of our Chilli Beef Jerky variety, and our crowd pleaser, Texan Beef Jerky. No refrigeration needed, just grab a pack and you're good to go.


If you're after something a bit softer, biltong is the way to go. This South African delicacy boasts a rich, meaty flavour that's hard to beat. It's tender, easy to chew, and incredibly satisfying. Plus, it’s high in protein and low in fat, making it a healthier choice without sacrificing taste.


Droewors, or dried sausage, is another fantastic option. These little sticks of goodness are perfect for snacking on the go. They’re portable, mess-free, and pack a unique, savoury punch, making them a hit with everyone who tries them.

Creative snacking with our air-dried meats

While our air-dried meats are perfect for munching straight out of the bag, they’re also incredibly versatile. Here are a couple of fun ways to incorporate them into your game day spread:

  • Jerky and cheese platter: Pair different flavours of jerky with a variety of cheeses, some dried fruits, and nuts for a sophisticated snack platter.
  • Biltong wraps: Use biltong strips in mini wraps with some lettuce, cheese, and a touch of mustard for a quick and tasty bite.
game day snacking

Easy healthy game day snack ideas

Beyond our air-dried meats, here are some other easy and delicious snacks to complete your game day line-up:

Trail mix

Trail mix is a crowd favourite, and it's incredibly easy to make. Combine a mix of nuts, dried fruits, and a bit of chocolate for a sweet and salty treat. For an extra protein boost, try adding some chopped beef jerky to the mix. Check out our beef jerky trail mix blog for a detailed recipe!

Veggie Sticks with dip

For a fresh and healthy option, you can't go wrong with veggie sticks. Pre-cut carrots, celery, and capsicum are perfect for dipping into hummus or tzatziki. These are easy to prepare ahead of time and pack into containers for easy transport to the game.

Cheese and crackers

A cheese and cracker platter is always a hit. Choose a variety of cheeses – think sharp cheddar, creamy brie, and blue cheese – and pair them with a selection of crackers. Throw in some grapes or olives for a bit of variety.

Mini sandwiches and platter

Mini sandwiches

Mini sandwiches are both portable and tasty. Use a variety of fillings to cater to different tastes – ham and cheese, turkey and avocado, or biltong, mustard and pickles. Cut them into small, easy-to-eat pieces and you’ve got a perfect game day snack.


Whether you like it spicy with a sprinkle of chilli powder, cheesy with some grated parmesan, or sweet with a dash of cinnamon sugar, popcorn is a versatile snack that’s easy to share.

Air-dried fruit jerky

The Jerky Co doesn't just do meat – we've got a range of air-dried fruit jerky that is perfect for game day. From sweet and tangy pineapple jerky to chewy mango jerky, these snacks are a great way to add some natural sweetness to your snack lineup. They're also easy to pack and don't require any refrigeration.

Mixed nuts

Mixed nuts is a simple yet satisfying snack. Choose a mix of almonds, cashews, walnuts, and pecans. For a bit of extra flavour, you can roast them with some spices or honey.

Protein bars

For a quick energy boost, keep some protein bars on hand. You can buy them pre-made or make your own at home with oats, nut butter, and a bit of honey. They’re a convenient way to keep your energy up throughout the game.

Make sure you come prepared on game day!

Having the right snacks can make your game day experience even more enjoyable. Whether you’re at the stadium, watching at home, or catching up with friends, these easy game day snacks are sure to hit the spot. From the unbeatable convenience and taste of The Jerky Co's air-dried meats to a variety of other tasty treats, there’s something for everyone.

We’d love for you to give our products a try as part of your game day snack lineup. And if you’ve got any game day snack ideas of your own, feel free to let us know! Enjoy the game, and happy snacking!

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