Our Top Picks For Christmas Gifts in 2022!

Can you believe it's Christmas already?! It certainly feels to us like 2022 has been a particularly short year—might have something to do with the last two years! But hey, the silly season is upon us so why not avoid the last minute mad rush and get all your Christmas shopping out of the way now? Everybody loves Christmas food gifts, and luckily we're all stocked up and ready to get our delicious jerky into your loved ones' stomachs!

We reckon we've got something for everybody here at The Jerky Co, so let's take a look at some 2022 Christmas gift ideas to please the meat eater in your life.

The Gym Junkie - Traditional Jerky

For the gym junkie, there is only one thing that matters, and that is protein. The gym junkie is way too focused on his or her macros to pay any attention to flavour or style. Delicate flavours are of no interest when it's all about the gains. So, with 60g of protein per 100g bag, our Traditional Jerky is the perfect gift idea for your active friend or family member.

gym junkie

The Craft Beer Snob - Smokey Jerky

The craft beer snob can be quite difficult when it comes to food because he or she clearly has extremely sophisticated taste, however, it's important not to overwhelm the palette when there are Belgian Trappists and barrel-aged German Saisons that require the drinker's full attention. It's therefore a delicate balance between stroking their ego with some interesting flavours but without upsetting the palette.

This is what makes Smokey Jerky the perfect choice for the craft beer snob. There aren't any palette killing flavours, however, the smokey flavour will give them the perfect opportunity to impress everybody with their knowledge of hickory and mesquite smoke.

Smokey jerky

The Adventurer - Sweet BBQ Jerky Trail Mix

If there's one thing an outdoorsy person loves as much as a sunset selfie from the top of a rocky outcrop, it's a good trail mix. And it just so happens that in our previous Beef Trail Mix Recipe blog we took a look at some trail mix recipes that use our various flavours of beef jerky. We reckon the Sweet BBQ trail mix will be a huge hit with your trail hiking family member or friend, and plus, who doesn't love a thoughtful DIY gift?!

sweet bbq

The Foodie - Exotic Truffle Fatty Biltong

The foodie wants everybody to know that there are no half measures when it comes to putting on an exquisite culinary experience for friends. For those who like the finer things in life, our Exotic Truffle Fatty Beef Biltong is a great gift for the foodie you know. Because what foodie doesn't like truffle? 

Exotic Truffle Fatty Biltong

The Chilli Hero - Red Hot Reaper Beef Jerky

There's one in every family. That one person who just has to drench everything in hot sauce and then sit there stoically pretending not to have overdone it. Give them the ultimate chilli challenge this Christmas day with our Red Hot Reaper Beef Jerky. With a fiery hit of reaper chilli, this one is not for the faint hearted.

Red Hot Reaper Beef Jerky

The BBQ Boss - King of the Q Bundle

The BBQ boss has to make sure that all bases are covered when it comes to putting on a meaty feast. The epic King of The Q Bundle includes loads of beef jerky varieties, as well as our delicious Poppa Porky’s pork crackle, and two types of dry rub for the perfect BBQ main course!

Poppa Porky’s pork crackle

The Grey Nomad - Great Southern Outback Spiced Jerky

Once the holiday season is over, the caravan dwellers will be itching to hit the road again. The grey nomad loves the Australian outback experience, and a big part of that is the bush tucker, so why not incorporate that in your Christmas present ideas? Great Southern Outback Spiced Beef Jerky is our latest creation and perfectly captures the flavours of our great southern land.

Great Southern Outback Spiced Beef Jerky

The Risk Taker - Who Dares Wins Beef Jerky

One in five pieces in each pack of ‘Who Dares Wins’ is loaded with a fiery Reaper Chilli punch in our Russian Roulette Jerky challenge. It's Xmas night, you've all had a few drinks, the board games and card games are out and it's time for a laugh. The loser of each round takes a piece of Jerky from the Who Dares Wins packet and hilarity ensues! Just make sure there is plenty of iced water on hand!

The 'Cover All Bases' Gift Giver - Meat Lover's Bubbles and Beef Bundle

Sometimes it's just too hard to know what to get somebody, so with our Meat Lover's Bubbles and Beef Bundle, you get a bit of everything—a selection of beef jerky varieties, a bottle of bubbles, and everybody's favourite...a couple of pairs of socks. But they're not just any old pair, The Jerky Co socks make for a delightfully unique gift.

Shop Our Range Of Gifts This Christmas Online Now!

Our online store is stocked up and ready to sort out all your beef jerky Christmas gifts. Or, you can pop into any of our 17 locations across WA.  Whether you're after a few small stocking stuffers or more substantial gift bundles like our Hunter & Gatherer Bundle, we've got all the best gift ideas covered this festive season.

From all of us here at The Jerky Co, we wish you all the happiest of Christmases. Fill your bellies with delicious food (and jerky!), enjoy the company of your loved ones, and make sure to unwind with a glass of bubbles or a nice cold beer. 

See you in 2023!

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