The Art of Snacking: Perfecting Beef Jerky and Cheese Pairings

In the world of snacking, the combination of beef jerky and cheese is a match made in heaven, yet surprisingly underexplored. It's a simple yet amazing match-up: the rich taste of beef jerky goes perfectly with the creamy smoothness of different cheeses. 

Charcuterie boards have long been a favourite, with meat and cheese undeniably taking centre stage. So it's clear then, that our selection of beef jerky is a perfect match for cheese. Yet, which of our jerky flavours best complement specific cheeses?

In this month's blog, we explore the ideal cheese varieties to pair with our delicious beef jerky flavours.

Beef Jerky & Cheese

Understanding flavour profiles and pairing fundamentals

The magic of food pairing lies in the harmony of flavours and textures. Understanding flavour profiles (sweet, salty, bitter, sour, umami) is key to creating harmonious pairings. 

Texture and smell play crucial roles as well, with the chewiness of jerky complementing the soft or crumbly textures of cheese, and the aromatic notes adding depth to each bite. 

Let’s explore our top beef jerky and cheese pairings, to take your charcuterie board to the next level! 

Beef Jerky and Cheese Pairings

Here are some of our top beef jerky and cheese pairings to get you inspired:

Texan Beef Jerky and Aged Cheddar

Savour the bold flavours of our Texan beef jerky in this classic pairing. The vibrant spice blend harmonises wonderfully with the sharpness of aged cheddar, creating a perfectly balanced duo.

Peri Peri Beef Jerky and Aged Swiss

The tangy, spicy flavour of our Peri Peri Beef Jerky is beautifully balanced by the nutty sweetness of aged Swiss cheese, offering a snack that’s both exciting and delicious.

Sweet BBQ Beef Jerky and Smoked Gouda or Mozzarella

Dive into the sweet and smokey realms with this pairing. Our Sweet BBQ Jerky, with its hints of brown sugar and spice, pairs beautifully with the smokiness of Gouda or the mildness of mozzarella.


jerky and Cheese Pairings

Chilli Beef Jerky and Havarti

If you’re after a bit of heat, pair our Chilli Beef Jerky with the mild, creamy goodness of Havarti cheese. The cheese’s smooth texture cools the palate, making each bite as addictive as the last.

Smokey Beef Jerky and Blue Cheese

For the bold at heart, the intense smokiness of our Smokey Beef Jerky coupled with the sharp, tangy flavour of blue cheese offers a rich and satisfying snack.

Great Southern Outback Spiced Beef Jerky and Sharp Provolone

Experience the taste of the Australian outback. The complex spice blend of our Great Southern Outback Spiced Beef Jerky pairs brilliantly with the bite of sharp provolone, echoing the wild spirit of the outback.

Exotic Truffle Beef Jerky and Brie or Camembert

Indulge in luxury with the earthy, rich flavours of our Exotic Truffle Beef Jerky paired with the creamy decadence of brie or camembert. This pairing is a foodie’s delight, perfect for special occasions.

Extra Hot Beef Jerky and Cream Cheese or Feta

Turn up the heat with our Extra Hot Beef Jerky and cool it down with the creamy cream cheese or feta. It’s a fiery, yet refreshing, combination.

Traditional Beef Jerky and Gouda

For those who appreciate classic flavours, this pairing is a must-try. The savoury notes of our Traditional Jerky find a match in the creamy, rich texture of Gouda cheese.

Share the joy

Food pairings can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The right combination of beef jerky and cheese can elevate their flavours, enhance your snacking experience, and introduce you to new, delicious taste profiles.

Snacks are always best shared, serve these pairings at your next gathering, or as part of a picnic spread. Or —  treat yourself and enjoy them as a sophisticated snack during your me-time. Remember, the key to the perfect snack pairing is balance — let the bold flavours of the beef jerky lead, with the cheese acting as a complement. 

Feel free to explore adding various crackers, fruits, dips, and even wines and beers to enhance your cheese and jerky pairings. The possibilities are limitless!

To read more: The Ultimate Beer Pairing Guide, Mouth Watering Charcuterie Board Ideas 

Get our tasty beef jerky in store and online now!

The art of snacking is all about exploration, experimentation, and enjoyment. With The Jerky Co’s diverse range of beef jerky flavours and the vast world of cheese varieties, the possibilities are endless. We invite you to try these pairings, mix and match according to your preferences, and discover your favourite combinations. Don’t forget to share your discoveries and suggestions with us — we’re always excited to hear from our fellow snack connoisseurs.

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